Chillies (Red Pepper)


Jayanti’s first foray into processed spice began here when US and European grinders  confronted with operational and occupational challenges started looking for outsourcing partners in origin countries.  Being a well-established, time-tested and quality-striven supplier of whole spices, Jayanti successfully established a modern Red Pepper processing facility in India. 

India is the largest producer of Chillies with heat value ranging from 5,000 to over 200,000 SHU.  

Jayanti specializes in farm to end -user level management of Chillies through strict adherence to good agricultural and manufacturing practices. Qualified and experienced agronomists help farmers in integrated pest / disease management practices enabling them to produce Aflatoxin and Pesticide free Chilies.

In short, “Sterling” products are the sine-qua-non of Good Manufacturing Practices. They are free from metallic contamination, are low on insect fragment count, fully conform to USFDA and ASTA regulations and are customer-centric.


Description: Whole dried ripe fruit of Capsicum annum or Capsicum frutescens

Origin: India & China

Crushed and Ground Chilies


  • Crushed Red Pepper ranging from 4 to 20 mesh in size, 10,000 to above 70,000 SHU in Heat.
  • Sausage
  • Ground Red Pepper from 30 to 40 mesh in size, 10,000 to above 70,000 SHU in Heat and 30-120 ASTA in colour
  • ETO treated chillies are low on microbial count.
  • Natural Chillies free from Salmonella


Additional Services


  • The pungency level of the crushed or ground product is varied to suit customer requirements including narrow heat and colour ranges.
  • Insect fragments below 50/25 gms
  • In-house lab for analysis
  • Declaration of Non-Genetically Modified Organism (G.M.O), irradiation, allergens and non-contamination from Sudan dye
  • Individual Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each shipped lot
  • Aflatoxin & Pesticides testing as per customer requirement
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S)
  • Nutrition Statement.
  • Eco-friendly and customized packing in paper bags, cartons and PP bags.