Turmeric is widely cultivated in India and is revered for its aesthetic and medicinal properties. In Asia this natural herb finds a special place in religious places and ceremonies and is considered a good luck charm. Due to its therapeutic properties it is widely consumed in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.  Turmeric is a natural colorant; its anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties are legendary. It is an essential seasoning ingredient in Asian cooking styles.

India is the largest producer and exporter of Turmeric of various curcumin levels.

Jayanti’s processed ground turmeric; a recent addition to the chain of processed spices has successfully made its way to the shelves backed by strong brand value and customer loyalty.

Description: Whole dried rhizomes of Curcuma longa L.

Origin: India & Vietnam

Whole & Clean, Cut and Ground Turmeric

Grades & Product Highlights


  • Whole clean Allepey, Madras and Vietnam Finger Turmeric (AFT/MFT/VFT)
  • Cut from 4 to 12 mm
  • Ground form : 30 to 80 mesh, curcumin ranging from 2.0 to 5.5%
  • ETO treated products are low on microbial count.
  • Full guarantee on specification conformity
  • Low insect fragment count
  • Capability to meet consistent colour and curcumin levels
  • Product free of foreign matter and metallic contamination


Additional Services


  • Declaration of Non-Genetically Modified Organism (G.M.O), irradiation, allergens and non-contamination from Sudan dye
  • Individual Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each shipped lot
  • Aflatoxin & Pesticides testing as per customer requirement
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S)
  • Nutrition statement
  • Eco-friendly packing in paper bags, met pet, cartons and PP bags.