We are Farmers

We are farmers…

We are passionate about the products we sell and believe that a safe route to Spice begins on the farms. Our backward integration program in farming is focussed on implementing sustainable agriculture standards for maintaining continuity of future supplies.

Food Safety, Sustainability and Traceability, are the cornerstones of our procurement policy. For some delicate and sensitive products like Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Turmeric, Cumin and Herbs we have our in-house agronomy team working on the fields with farmers to ensure quality and sanitation from the beginning of the food chain.

In Sakleshpur region of Karnataka we are working on Endangered Pepper Plantations Rehabilitation Project.

In Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, we are focussed on improving drying and post-harvesting operations to mitigate the threat of aflatoxin contamination in Red Pepper

Growing incidence of rhizome rot and lowering curcumin levels have prompted us to grow Turmeric sustainably in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

In Barmer District of Rajasthan we are guiding farmers on controlled use of pesticides to grow sustainable Cumin.

Jayanti is the first company to grow Rainforest Alliance Certified Chillies and Cumin.

We have collaborated with local growers and Turkish suppliers in Denizli for carrying out controlled
farming of Oregano and Sage under a project that supports «Farm to Fork» principle.

Our aim is to secure a food-safe environment through our Backward Integration Program in Farming by mitigating the threat of intruding contaminants and potentially unsafe chemicals from entering the product cycle.

Harvests so religiously procured are then transported to 2 of our own climate controlled cold stores located close to our processing units to preserve product freshness and maintain farmer lot traceability through a unique coding system powered by Cropin software.

Empowering 2,500+ farmers globally in sustainable agricultural operations covering 15,000 + acres of land across 3 countries…