We are Quality Oriented

We are quality-oriented…

Our Quality Policy has remained one of the most stringent in the Spice industry, swiftly adapting to the changes in food safety laws, challenging redundancy and complacency in all forms to stay ahead of times, preserving and delivering the intrinsic value of natural products from farm to table in the least possible steps for nearly 75 years.

True to our values, we have constantly upgraded our quality management systems and capabilities to meet the growing complexities of food safety problems.

Our in-house NABL Certified lab conducts quality checks for aflatoxin, pesticide residue levels and heavy metal content – right from sourcing to delivery points.

The fully equipped lab at Kinathukadavu Plant has HPLC, GC, GCMC, AW Meter, Spectrophotometer and other devices for conducting physical, chemical and microbiological tests. Test results are validated using the ASTA check sample programme.

A capability study is undertaken before acceptance of every order. Once an order is accepted rigorous IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) tests are conducted till product is validated as fit for shipment.

Quality Analysis report besides all other product-specific certificates accompany the shipments.

Customer Satisfaction and Innovation are at the heart of our Quality Policy. A team of food specialists, product technicians and research scientists at the New Product Development division are constantly working on product and process refinement to deliver the taste of the season as well developing bespoke blends and seasonings to suit the diverse palate of discerning consumers.


Food Allergen Policy

Following foods and their products are declared as allergens and are banned from entering Jayanti’s processing facilities and warehouses:

Milk and Derivatives | Eggs and Derivatives | Peanuts and Derivatives | Tree Nuts and Derivatives (such as walnuts, cashew nuts etc.,) Fish | Shell Fish | Soya and derivatives | Wheat and derivatives