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Who we are…

Jayanti in Spice and more…

“The business of Spice makes us global.
We believe farm-to-fork quality management is the way
forward for Food Industry.”

We are specialist processors tending to provenance plantations in India, Vietnam and Turkey through backward integration programs guaranteeing food safety, authenticity, sustainability and traceability from farm to fork. The intrinsic qualities of real food flavours are preserved and delivered in a variety of packaging formats conforming to international code of practices of global retail brands. India is our corporate base; it has been 75 years since we began our journey in a small way to reach the farthest corners of the globe. Today, Jayanti, essentially a family-run business of the 1940’s is a professionally managed agro-commodities and food business group carrying out specialized operations in Asia and Europe to deliver the true essence of a diversified product portfolio comprising of Value Added Spice, Decaffeinated Tea and Natural Caffeine. What keeps us going is our inherent ability to adapt to global food-safety challenges, world-wide reach, in-depth product knowledge, quality of conformance to the highest food-safety standards, top-down innovation approach, up-to-date infrastructure and a growing consumer base.

A necessity or an exotic luxury
Just an indulgence or purely medicinal
No one can dispute the flavour, aroma
and aristocracy of herbs and spices.
Available in several forms and variations,
There is one resource for your global needs.

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