A career at Jayanti goes beyond livelihood; it is where one’s passion for work meets no barriers, employee engagement is total and as real as the legacy of employee loyalty treasured for generations.

We recognize that people management is an art and nurturing talent is of paramount importance for realizing higher goals and sustaining business growth in challenging times.

If you can identify with our DNA and are passionate about the products that we deal in, you too can be a part of our young and growing team of enthusiastic workers who strive hard to make products of uncompromising standards for building a food-safe world.

We stand by our DNA

We have High Integrity. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.
We take quick decisions and create opportunities.
We encourage innovation and out of the box thinking.
We believe in value for money. We are penny wise and pound wise.
We listen. We speak and publicise to the extent required to market our products.
We are humble, we are a team. We not I; Us not me; Team not individual.
We care for our stakeholders – business partners, shareholders, colleagues and environment.
We have a problem-solving attitude, we go the extra mile to help our colleagues.
We are very hands on. We encourage leadership – we believe in creating leaders.

Those who share our passion for work and ethics can keep checking this space for vacancies or write to