Nurturing Sustainability

Nurturing Sustainability….
We Care

At Jayanti, we care for the environment and people around us, for we understand the repercussions of a polluted environment, both literally and metaphorically.

The Kinathukadavu Spice Plant in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has been conferred with the ASSOCHAM -ICAI Green Business Excellence Award, 2014 for its pioneering efforts in promoting green business innovation.

Factory waste is recycled to generate alternative forms of energy for propelling sustainable plant operations. Biomass briquettes made from agricultural wastes, rice husks, peanut shells and cow dung in solid compressed forms are used for heating boilers for manufacturing Steam Sterilized Spices.

More than 25% of process heat requirements in factories are derived from Solar Energy. We were the first company to use Solar Power for drying Spice in 1985.

We have implemented 100% Water Conservation and Wastewater Recycling Program at processing units to help reduce water footprint. Reclaimed water from effluent treatment plant is channelled into garden beds.

We have also successfully fulfilled a Project of national interest on cleansing adulterated pepper using specialised indigenously developed processes for regaining its marketability.

Wastewater Recycling Project implemented at Izmir Spice Processing Unit has resulted in 75% reduction in water usage.

On1y Earth – A Sustainable initiative

On1y Earth is a drive to ensure “continuity of supplies” by bringing improvements in general living conditions of people on farms while safeguarding environmental health.

It is an attempt to empower farm-workers in producing regions and connect them with the champions of sustainability across the globe for long-term collaborative participation and investment in green initiatives aimed at building a sustainable tomorrow.