Herbs & Spice

Why Herbs & Spice?

No matter where you are, Herbs & Spice, often used interchangeably, though distinctly apart, are today an integral part of every cuisine. Distinct aroma, myriad flavours and a riot of colours that they impart to cuisines have redefined tastes and changed food landscapes. Historically, the allure of Spice had led to wars and expeditions; even today chefs continue to dig deeper into Spice Boxes across continents to add a touch of exclusivity to their signature dishes. It is not just about restaurants; average household consumption of Herbs & Spice has increased dramatically during recent times with scientific validation of their therapeutic prowess.

Why Jayanti Herbs & Spice?

Jayanti is a specialist organization with profound expertise in handling farm-to-fork operations for meeting the growing demands of food safety and traceability along the supply chain. Jayanti is no longer a “manufacturer-exporter” but brings the collective strengths of a farmer, processor, packer, distributor and retailer, establishing a fabled route to the world of authentic herbs & spice.

We understand that the simplest of tasks may need the highest precision to produce high-quality products that adhere to international standards of food safety and hygiene. As farmers, we understand the cropping patterns, sowing months, harvest seasons in different regions of the world, the soil in which they grow best, the fertilizers used and the threat to human health from polluted environment. This seemingly common knowledge is quite uncommon with most companies remaining focused on process specialization rather than engaging in backward and forward integration for controlling the entire value chain from farm-to-table.

How are Herbs & Spice Procured?

For some sensitive products, we have implemented Integrated Pest Management Program in backward integrated farms for growing herbs & spice as per Jayanti sustainable standards. Some others are procured from approved vendors who follow Jayanti’s exacting quality standards.

How are round-the-year supplies maintained?

We have a strong base in India, Vietnam and Turkey, the key origins of Herbs & Spice. Raw material is procured round-the-year as harvesting months across continents differ from each other. Our global Spice Procurement team is based in India while Turkey is the hub for procuring Mediterranean Herbs.

Please refer Herbs & Spice Harvest Calendar for more information on harvest and procurement months.

How are food-safe products processed?

Food ingredients can be sterilized using many different methods. We consider Steam Treatment of Herbs & Spice as the safest alternative for reducing microbial contamination without altering the chemical composition of essential oils, attributed to their characteristic taste and aroma.

Methyl Bromide and Ethylene Oxide are considered toxic and have been banned in Europe and USA for treating Spice. Irradiation is not considered a safe alternative either.

We provide Natural, Steam Washed and Steam Sterilized products in Whole, Crushed and Ground forms.

Exquisite Herbs & Spice, Farmed, Processed and Packaged at origins for the global palate.