Decaffeinated Tea

Decaffeinated Tea

A low-caffeine variant flushed with the natural richness of tea!

Why Decaffeinated Tea?

Decaffeinated Tea is a specialty product suited for caffeine sensitive tea lovers. It is manufactured from black or green tea using Natural Solvents or CO2. Though there is nothing that is scientifically proven about it, many people believe that caffeine intake in smaller proportions have more health benefits and opt for decaffeinated beverages. Decaffeinated tea is also prescribed by medical practitioners for health conditions demanding reduced caffeine intake.

How is Tea Decaffeinated?

Several methods are used to extract caffeine from Tea. Caffeine is extracted mainly by using Ethyl Acetate as the solvent at our Decaffeinated Tea Manufacturing Project site. This process of Decaffeination was perfected after many lab trails conducted by a team of senior scientists and food technologists over a period of 2 years before the first shipment to USA was made in 2008. Ethyl acetate processed products are referred to as “naturally decaffeinated” as ethyl acetate is a chemical found naturally in many fruits.

In our constant endeavor to provide chemical-free, close-to-natural products we have now introduced Water Processing as well for manufacturing decaffeinated tea using pure water as the solvent for extracting caffeine.

We are pioneer Indian manufacturer-exporters of decaffeinated tea mainly catering to US and Canada markets, with some small quantities being shipped to Europe as well.

Raw material is procured from Rainforest Certified Farms in India. Tea blends are prepared using exotic and Indian tea varieties in varying proportions based on taste profile exclusively developed for niche customers.

Besides Decaffeinated Tea, other indigenously developed value-added products are Chill Brew and Strong Liquoring Tea.

Jayanti Tea Trails

Jayanti’s business tryst began with tea trading in Kolkata, in the early 1940’s. There has been no looking back since then as tea trading has continued to transform the fortunes of Group Companies for three generations now. From Kolkata tea operations expanded to Kochi and Coonoor in South India in the early 1950’s and Guwahati in the late 60’s. In early 1980’s Coimbatore became the busy hub for tea trading activities. Tea trading centre was also established in Siliguri, Assam. Jayanti had also ventured into owning and managing Tea Estates in Assam during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Tea business continues to flourish with its magnificent global reach under the able stewardship of other siblings of the Shah Family who continue to be Jayanti’s strategic business partners in global trade.

Experience the rejuvenating freshness of a subtle clean cup enriched with the goodness of tea!