Natural Caffeine

Natural Caffeine

Why Caffeine?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant called trimethyl xanthine. It is naturally found in tea leaves, coffee beans and other plant products.

Caffeine is widely recognized as a stimulant of the central nervous system and is considered useful to treat medical conditions of the heart, head, kidney and respiratory disorders when consumed as prescribed.

Synthetic Caffeine manufactured from Urea can also be added to food and beverages to boost body metabolism. The manufacturing process uses Carcinogenic organic solvents like Methylene dichloride, traces of which may be present in the end-product

Why Jayanti Natural Tea Caffeine?

We, at Jayanti have developed Purified Tea Caffeine safe for human consumption.

Natural tea caffeine is extracted from Black or Green Tea.

Primary & Secondary Extraction
Caffeine is extracted from tea using Natural Organic Solvent Ethyl Acetate, derived from sugarcane molasses. Ethyl acetate is present in many fruits.

The extracted Caffeine is further purified using pure water by crystallization process. Caffeine thus obtained is re- crystallized using pure water to remove all impurities leaving no solvent residues in the end-product.

No Solvent Residues
Jayanti Natural Tea Caffeine has been tested extensively at independent labs and found to be free from solvent and pesticide residues.

Better Purity
Jayanti Natural Tea caffeine processing does not stop at 95% but is further purified to 99%.

Natural and Not Synthetic
Natural Caffeine is derived from Natural sources. No bleaching agents are used in manufacturing natural caffeine and hence the product retains a natural tone. Energy derived from Natural sources is considered safe and steady.

Tea Caffeine considered a Healthier Option
Natural Caffeine derived as a by-product of decaffeinated tea is considered better as tea has many other healthy ingredients such as Antioxidants, Thiamine and Polyphenols which have nutritional values and calming effect on the human body. Jayanti Natural Tea Caffeine is of USP grade, suitable for Food and Pharma industry.

Jayanti’s Indigenous Processes

The by-product of tea decaffeination process, caffeine-rich tea wax is the raw material used for caffeine extraction. The purification process leading to commercial production has evolved over a series of lab trials and is an in-house feat of our research team. The Process is HACCP certified. Jayanti’s caffeine processing and purification plant has undergone constant upgradation.

State-of-the-art Equipment – Natural Caffeine is extracted from tea leaves and is washed in hot water which is then crystallized, filtered and vacuum dried using decanters, stainless steel extractors, evaporators and caffeine grinders.

In its pure form, Caffeine is a white crystalline powder that tastes bitter and finds use in many food and pharma formulations.

Caffeine, the wonder drug is a natural power booster when consumed the right way