Retail Private Labelling

Retail Private Labelling

Herbs and Spice are sensitive products and need expert handling to retain their freshness and intrinsic qualities as they pass through the various stages of farming, processing and packaging.

At Jayanti “Quality” is an overemphasized expression deeply ingrained in product management systems and procedures that have continued to evoke customer trust and confidence for more than 75 years, transcending generations.

Packaging is a specialized division with fully automated lines, but jobs that demand delicate product handling are still hand-packed using skilled labour. The choice of packaging material is wide but range still evolving from the classic glass bottles to the more contemporary forms of flexible eco-friendly pouches that deliver the real essence of food flavours around the world.

For more details on branding styles please refer individual packaging options.


A range of Grinders



A large collection of Economical Shakers & Pourers



The Allied Strength of the Metallic Tins



A new genre of Flexible Packaging


Custom Printed Monochrome Boxes


Gift Boxes for every occasion


Purely scientific, insanely beautiful or just enigmatic, the mesmerizing aura of a starlit sky has captivated people’s imagination for centuries, inspiring countless explorations of the universe. Constellations are imaginary marques wrapping around a group of stars with mythical powers that have endlessly excited mankind.

Packaging at Jayanti commemorates celestial craftsmanship with each distinct range named after a constellation. Sculptor, Indus, Carina, Vela, Crux and Pictor are celestial inspirations that opulently drape around this central theme delivering the true essence of ingredients packed within.