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A new genre of Flexible Packaging

Vela, celebrates the celestial sail with flexible packaging. Modern-day packaging is all about ease of filling and retrieving the contents, light on wheels and light on pocket. Flexible Pouches are a popular choice of the new generation as they offer more comfort, occupy less space and support sustainability. Standy, Zipper, Pillow, Refillable Pouches and Sachets are available in a variety of sizes and custom printed designs. High barrier pouches limit oxidization and help delivering the intrinsic values of herbs & spice from farm-to-fork.

Standy & Zipper Pouches

Item Code VELZP1000
Model Name Vela Zipper 1 Kg
Dimensions 21 cm L x 34 cm H
Product Description Polyethylene Standy Pouches are soft and flexible. Can be custom printed
Functionality Can Stand Easily, are suitable for multiple uses and are recyclable
Applicability Storing and Dispensing All Herbs, Spice and Seasonings
Variant Available in varying sizes from 50 grams to 1 Kg. These Pouches can also be provided without zippers in single-serve packaging formats

Resealable Zipper Pouch

Item Code VEL150
Model Name Vela 150 grams
Dimensions 13 cm L x 18 cm H
Product Description LDPE Zipper Pouches with transparent window and nylon barrier, custom designed for Canadian Market
Functionality Reclosable Hang Hole Pouches are suitable for multiple use and are easily disposable
Applicability Preferred choice of big retailers for packing All kinds of Herbs, Spice & Seasonings.
Variant Available in various sizes from 60 to 250 grams


Item Code VEL010
Model Name Vela 10 grams pouches
Dimensions 1.10cm L x 1.40cm H
Product Description LDPE Pouches for packing and dispensing smaller quantities of high value products. Can be custom printed
Functionality Making High Value Products affordable in Small Packs
Applicability Preferred Choice of mass-market retailers of Herbs, Spice and Seasoning
Variant Available in Standard Pack Size of 10 to 20 grams. MET PET (Metallised Material) options are available for all LDPE Pouches.

5 Kgs Pillow Pouches

Item Code VEL005
Model Name Vela 5 Kgs
Dimensions 37 cm L x 63 cm H
Product Description Extra Large Low-Density Polyethylene Pillow Pouches with Hang Hole and Top Band Seal
Functionality Easy to pack and transport bulk materials, occupy lesser storage space and can be recycled at a lower cost.
Variant Pillow Pouches are available in varying sizes from 100 grams to 1 Kg. MET PET (Metallised Material) options are available for all LDPE Pouches.