Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We have a conscience

We believe in inclusive growth and support community development projects for empowering rural children and people on the farms with basic literacy and life skills to live with dignity.

Shah Foundation and Jayanti Trust, are the two philanthropic entities managed by Senior members of the Shah family. Set up in founder’s memory both these trusts are funded by Jayanti Group Companies.

The Shah Foundation Trust finds its purpose in fulfilling many a dream of socially backward and orphaned children. Shah foundation in collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation (AOL) has contributed to rehabilitation of Tsunami victims and aided rebuilding of schools in Nagapattanam, the worst hit region of Tamil Nadu. Besides funding rehabilitation projects in natural disaster-hit regions, Shah foundation is annually funding school projects for the underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Gujarat.

The Foundation also supports
ISKCON’s “mid-day meal” initiatives which is aimed at bringing children back to school. Akshaya Patra’s current reach is 1.4 million children and is expected to serve 5 million children by the year 2020.

Jayanti Trust finds fulfilment in caring for the sick, needy and distressed patients by attending to their medical needs. Every year the trust identifies hospitals and nursing homes run by local NGO’s for providing financial and material aid. The trust is also actively supporting some of the community development programs undertaken by the Art of Living foundation for rehabilitation of youth offenders.

We believe
Charity needs Humility and not Publicity.